3d модель декора интерьера

3D Interior decor

Technology of 3D modeling is widely used by many entities. Like, for example, architectural offices, specialists in interior design and landscaping and so on. three-dimensional interior models allow you to see how the living room or work space will look like after construction (repair) or some changes in furniture. Previously to visualize the interior of residential and office space designers made three-dimensional models of cardboard or plastic. Now interior models in 3D are created by using special programs. Making meshes of the interior is an obligatory step in developing a proper design project of a house or apartment before starting the redevelopment. 3D modeling is also used in the manufacture of promotional materials, architectural firms, furniture companies and so on.

Download free 3D models for interior design

When you need to develop a model of the interior in 3D you can choose one of three ways:

  • Creating a project by yourself using 3D Max, Vray, Corona or other programs for modeling;
  • Using the services of specialists;
  • Selecting and downloading free model of the interior on our site.

The last one will not only save the budget, but also reduce the time for development and approval of the design project with the customer.

We offer customers to choose and download interior design models in 3D format absolutely for free on our site. In the catalog you will find a wide list of interiors of living rooms and office space for any purpose. In this section is easy to pick up the interior of the following rooms:

On our resource you can download free three-dimensional furniture models for interior design of a living room scenes, studio office, or free space. With just a little effort you will get a realistic image without overpaying designers and without spending your precious time to create a 3D model from scratch. It is not that important if you are planning to repair your apartment, or you just picking up the furnishings in a house or, perhaps, you are professional designer yourself and just in need of getting some kind of inspiration – feel free to download free 3D interior models for your projects on our site!

In this category there are a large number of meshes of various interiors presented. We even have quite unique pieces of interior design such as marquees, gazebos, playgrounds, tents, attractions and exotic furniture sets that will allow you to create truly unique interior design in 3D. You can download all files even without registration. It is easy enough to do so: you must click on the preview of the file you are interested in and then you will be taken to a separate page of it. There you will find several links, each of which will leading to a direct download. Three-dimensional objects are developed in 3D Max program with Vray and Corona plug-in.

You can easily download all of our furniture pieces from the catalog and any subcategory. Just go to the home page, then move the cursor to the left side of the screen and follow the instructions presented. In the drop-down menu you will see all the models for the interior and for the realization of any yours (even the most daring) design ideas! All material on our site is free. They are made by experts with anatomical precision, so you can count on quality content when you download something from us.

If you are been looking for a place to download high-quality 3D models for a long time, you came to the right place. We regularly update the downloaded content, so if you have not managed to find something suitable this time, try visiting us a little later. The library is replenished every day, so you can add our site to your browser bookmarks in order to have the stable access to everything new in literally one single click.



3d модели интерьера

Технологии 3d моделирования широко применяются строительными компаниями, архитектурными бюро, специалистами по дизайну интерьеров и ландшафтному благоустройству. 3d модель интерьера позволяет наглядно продемонстрировать, как будет выглядеть жилая комната или рабочее помещение после ремонта или смены мебели. Раньше для визуализации внутренней обстановки жилых и офисных помещений дизайнеры изготавливали объемные макеты из картона или пластика. Сейчас модели интерьеров в формате 3d создаются при помощи специальных компьютерных программ. Изготовление 3d модели интерьера помещения – обязательный этап при разработке дизайн-проекта дома или квартиры перед началом ремонта или перепланировки. Также 3д моделирование применяется при изготовлении рекламных материалов дизайн-бюро, архитектурных компаний, мебельных предприятий.

Когда нужно в сжатые сроки разработать модель интерьера в формате 3d, можно выбрать один из трех способов:

1. Создать проект самостоятельно «под ключ» с помощью программы 3D max или другой программы для объемного моделирования;
2. Воспользоваться услугами специалистов компаний по визуализации;
3. Подобрать и скачать бесплатно 3d модель интерьера на специализированном ресурсе и доработать изображение под свои требования с использованием программы 3d max.

Последний способ не только экономит бюджет, но и позволяет сократить время на разработку и согласование дизайн-проекта с заказчиком.

Предлагаем подобрать и скачать модели дизайна интерьера в 3d формате абсолютно бесплатно на портале 3dmodels.ru. В каталоге сервиса Вы найдете широкий перечень интерьеров жилых комнат и офисных помещений под любые задачи. В этом разделе легко подобрать интерьер для следующих комнат:

• Спальня;
• Гостиная;
• Кухня;
• Детская;
• Рабочий кабинет;
• Мансарда;
• Прихожая и другие.


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