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Обновленные Alfa Romeo Giulia и Stelvio: салон и опции

К 2020 модельному году соплатформенные седан Giulia и кроссовер Stelvio подверглись первому более-менее серьезному обновлению. Оно не коснулось внешности и технической начинки, но в компании Alfa Romeo учли нарекания покупателей, которые касались интерьера, и провели значительную ревизию.

Обновленная медиасистема наконец-то обрела сенсорный дисплей (прежней диагональю 8,8 дюйма), появились более производительный процессор и доработанная графика интерфейса. Впрочем, сохранилась и шайба управления «мультимедией» на центральном тоннеле.

Сам кожух тоннеля теперь новый: изменено расположение кнопок и рукояток, появились более глубокие подстаканники и площадка с беспроводным зарядником для смартфонов. Новый джойстик «автомата» — с кожаной обшивкой, а у его основания патриотично пристроен итальянский триколор. Появился новый семидюймовый TFT-дисплей в комбинации приборов: у него тоже улучшена графика.

Наконец, Giulia и Stelvio обрели автопилот второго уровня, то есть адаптивный круиз-контроль с системами автоматического торможения и удержания в полосе. Обновленные машины появятся в продаже до конца года, причем первые партии отправятся в США, где такая Giulia будет стоить от 39350 долларов, а Stelvio — от 41350 долларов.



A timeless beauty at the service of your emotions.



Italian design in pure
Alfa Romeo style

Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems

Level 2 Autonomous Driving

Perfect balance, for
uncompromising driving dynamics

Improved steering feel,
maximum comfort

The Full-LED Adaptive Matrix 3+3 headlights provide optimal illumination.

Transparent rear lights to bring out the iconic Alfa Romeo sportiness.

The distinctive “Scudetto” V-shield highlights Giulia’s sporty look.

Giulia Veloce 19” alloy wheels contribute to enhance its dynamic design.

12.3” “Cannocchiale” cluster with three layouts: Evolved, Relax and Heritage. The Evolved layout is modern and essential, the Relax layout focuses on comfort, and the Heritage layout is inspired by the Brand’s iconic models.

8.8” Multi-Touch display with interactive widgets.

Centre console: useful compartments and premium finishes.

Harman Kardon premium sound system with 14 speakers to surround you with a perfect sound. Listen to our playlist on your journeys.

The pictures are indicative and have illustrative purpose only. Colors and details shown could be not available or could vary, when the vehicle will be available, by way of example for technical and/or production and/or commercial reasons. Some pictures could show accessories and/or equipment which are not standard and that, when the vehicle will be available, will be subject to a specific request and additional payment.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia brings together design, power, and innovation,
all thanks to patented technologies and the use of lightweight materials
to deliver unique driving excitement. The Q2 or Q4 systems
and the IBS brake-by-wire system offer responsive driving.

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Thanks to its next-generation software architecture,
for the first time ever the Alfa Romeo Giulia adopts
the Alfa Romeo Use Certificate NFT. Based on Blockchain
technology, the NFT can register vehicle data to generate
a unique and non-falsifiable record of the vehicle’s life.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia has mastered the art of finding the balance
of hands-on driving passion and cutting-edge automated driving systems
by achieving Level 2 of autonomous driving. Giulia is equipped with systems
that intelligently monitor the vehicle’s surroundings to ensure control and
exceptional driving pleasure.


A few intuitive gestures will provide a smooth experience
when driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia.


Connected with the world and with your car. Alfa Connect Services create and assure great connectivity.

* For all new vehicles ordered starting from 1st of May 2023, My Assistant will be included in Connect ONE pack, the price of which is included in the vehicle price. My Remote, My Car, My Navigation and My eCharge will become Connect PLUS, that needs a specific Customers subscription. Connect PLUS is available at no additional cost for the first 36 months starting from the warranty start date. My Alert and My Wi-Fi will not change.
Connected with the world and with your car. Alfa Connect Services create and assure great connectivity.


In any emergency, My Assistant allows you to contact our dedicated call centres that will do everything they can to solve the issue as quickly as possible.


Using My Remote, you can interact with your Alfa Romeo Giulia anytime, wherever you are: you can lock and unlock the doors, turn on and off the lights, and carry out many other actions. All directly from your smartphone or smartwatch.


With My Car, you can constantly keep your Alfa Romeo Giulia general health and status under control, directly from your smartphone or computer, even when you’re not behind the wheel.


With My Wi-Fi, you can share a wireless internet connection with all the passengers on your Alfa Romeo Giulia.

*My Wi-Fi is an optional service.


Protect your Giulia with My Alert, a service that notifies your app of any suspicious event, like attempted theft, or unauthorised towing.

*My Alert is an optional service.


With My Navigation, your driving experience is even more complete: real-time updates on traffic, weather, and road conditions. You can also look up destinations and places of interest on your smartphone and send them to your onboard navigator.

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In addition, thanks to the My Alfa Connect mobile app, you can access partner offers and insurance benefits linked to your vehicle’s telematic data.​
For more information click here.


Efficient, high-performance engines. A chassis designed to work
with the rear traction, innovative suspension systems and
a weight/power ratio. Wide range of diesel and petrol engine,
from 160 up to 280 HP. For availability and further details please
click here to configure your own version.

Fuel consumption Alfa Romeo Giulia Range (l/100 km): 8,1 – 5,0; CO₂ emission (g/km): 183 – 130. Type approval values determined on the basis of the WLTP combined cycle, homologated as of 02.12.2022.
The values indicated are for comparative purposes.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia has a boot capacity of 480 litres.

Images meant for display purpose only, product details and color range availability go to https://www.alfaromeo.com/configurator-hub

Purchase solutions

Find a wide range of financial services and insurance products for the purchase of your Alfa Romeo.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia is endowed with a Non-Fungible Token digital certificate. Based on Blockchain technology, the NFT can register vehicle data and through that, generates a unique, confidential, and non-falsifiable record of the vehicle’s life. This record can guarantee that the car has been properly maintained and it can have a positive impact on the residual value of your Alfa Romeo Giulia in case of reselling. In fact, on the pre-owned car marked, the NFT certification represents an additional source of credibility for owners and dealers.

Thanks to the combination of Active Cruise Control functions, Traffic Jam Assist not only autonomously manages the car’s speed to keep you at the correct distance from the vehicle in front, but it also helps you keep in the lane, on both city streets and the highway.

To avoid side-on collisions with cars in the adjacent lanes, Active Blind Spot Assist will give you a visual warning and actively take control of the wheel.

Lane Keeping Assist alerts the driver if the Alfa Romeo Giulia is unintentionally leaving its lane and automatically intervenes to correct the vehicle’s path and direct it back into its lane.

Active Cruise Control allows you to maintain a constant speed, without having to push down on the accelerator, and also adapts the distance from the vehicle in front.

Giulia comes equipped with a state-of-theart Traffic Sign Recognition and an intelligent speed advisor that alerts drivers to changes in the legal speed limit. If the Active Cruise Control is activated, the speed is automatically adjusted touching steering wheel controls.

Driver Attention Assist monitors the vehicle’s movements and the length of the journey, and warns the driver through alert signals and the symbol of a cup on the TFT display.

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The DNA functionalities are designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.
D: Dynamic mode, for sports driving. The engine and gearbox adopt sporty mapping, traction in curves and sensitivity to the accelerator pedal during acceleration are increased.
N: Natural mode, with a standard engine and gearbox response, and a more comfortable suspension set-up.

A: Advanced Efficiency. Advanced Efficiency engineered to maximise efficiency and reduce fuel emissions.


The all-aluminium Alfa™ Link Suspension System ensures excellent dynamic driving behaviour and unique handling. The front suspension features a double-wishbone system with a semi-virtual steering axis that keeps the wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road even intense turns. The rear suspension, a Multilink system with four and a half links, guarantees the best of both worlds between lateral grip and comfort, on uneven surfaces.

The Alfa™ Active Suspension allows to reduce understeer and improves the Steering “feeling” and lateral grip.


The excellent driving dynamics of the Alfa Romeo Giulia are the result of specific design and technical choices. Among these is the wide use of ultra-light materials like aluminum and carbon, perfect weight distribution, and an excellent weight/power ratio. All with the added benefit of driving pleasure.


The Q2 system, limited slip differential for RWD*, provides stability and high control in all grip conditions, distributing torque and traction even when exiting corners, at high speeds and during acceleration.

*Available only on the Veloce edition.


Designed to manage the vehicle’s traction in a reactive and predictive way to ensure the highest levels in terms of performance, and efficiency. The Q4 system allows unparalleled driving pleasure on all road surfaces, combining all the advantages of all-wheel drive with the responsiveness and the driving pleasure of a rear-wheel drive.


Elegant and refined, the Super version features advanced technologies and distinctive design details.

  • Silver V-Shield
  • Silver Giulia badge / no trim badge
  • New texture front grills
  • Black mirror caps
  • Veloce front fascia
  • Monotone wheel central cap
  • Premium Matrix Trilobe lights
  • Transparent rear lights
  • 17’’ Luxury design wheel
  • 2x matt dark exhaust tip
  • Sporty steering wheel
  • Manual 6-way fabric seats
  • Perfored leather gear shifter
  • Aluminium sport pedals
  • Rear seats 40/20/40
  • Black ceiling


  • 12,3” full TFT instrument cluster
  • 8.8’’ navi
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Rear back-up camera
  • Automatic high beam system
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Active cruise control
  • Dual zone A/C
  • Manual 6 ways front seats adjustable
  • Keyless go
  • Tyre kit
  • Rear seats 40/20/40
  • Autonomous emergency braking (AEB)
  • Lane departure warning

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super is available in 2 types of engines:

  • Gas 280 HP AWD
  • Diesel 160 HP RWD


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